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Dean Bonnor Marriage Celebrant

Dean was very personable. Hes a lovely guy with great jokes. He's really friendly and easy to work with. Definately 5 stars!


Dean Bonnor Marriage Celebrant

Dean was professional but personal. Everything was great! He was funny and serious all at the right times.


Dean Bonnor Marriage Celebrant

Dean is a great created the perfect ceremony for us. We worked together and discussed the different options for the day. It all went really well.


Dean Bonnor Marriage Celebrant

You Gettin' Hitched?

If you're looking for a Wollongong marriage celebrant, you've found one. I service from Sydney right down to the Shoalhaven on the NSW South Coast, but I'll never rule anywhere out, so if you're getting married further away I'm never opposed to a road trip.

I've been doing this for a while, with well over 100 weddings in the bank. And I still love it. Ultimately my aim with all couples is to work with you to make sure you're wedding day is exactly what you're after, and that means different things to different people.

Some couples aren't terribly fussed about the specific details and prefer to be led by me and for them to be a little more hands off, that's great more than happy to lead the charge. Other couples have more specific ideas of what their after and like to be more involved in the process, that's also great, and I'll help and offer guidance wherever I can.

Ultimately there isn't any right or wrong way to do a wedding ceremony. My aim is to make the day as comfortable and stress-free as I possibly can. I'll make sure you end up with a meaningful ceremony that reflects you as a couple and will kick off the best day of your lives with style!

So if you've got a Sydney, Illawarra or South Coast Marriage coming up, drop me a line and I can talk you through what's involved and how I operate.

Dean Bonnor Marriage Celebrant

Let's Chat



A Little More About Me

I'm a Wollongong boy born and bred. I myself am lucky enough to have a beautiful wife with a crazy little boy and another on the way. I'm probably going to forget to update this, so chances are, as you are reading this, I have two crazy boys.

I did my first wedding all the way back in 2011! I became a marriage celebrant because I do genuinely love a good wedding. Everyone gets dressed up and is in a good mood; you eat, drink and be merry and celebrate two people who are in love. It's great. And as someone who has done a fair bit of public speaking in his time, one thing that I absolutely love as a celebrant is that because everyone is in such a good mood, even shit jokes go over well!

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